Who is Swati Mishra, PM Narendra Modi  Praise

Swati Mishra is an Indian singer who sings bhakti music and recently she sings the song Raam Aayenge. The song is popular in a few minutes and our prime minister tweeted this song. Many of the BJP leaders share the song on social media.

Swati Mishra Biography

Swati Mishra was born on 10 April 1991, In Mumbai, Maharastra, India. She completed her primary education in Mumbai after her interest is increased in music she is now a singer. She started her initial Career as a Bhojpuri singer and now sings songs in different Bollywood production houses like Saregama Music. She has won a YouTube channel and uploads music videos. The YouTube channel is Named Swati Mishra Bhakti.

Recently PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Amrit Bharat trains and Vande Bharat trains and invited 140cr. Indian to attend the 22 January 2024 Ram inauguration. At this time the song Raam Aayenge gained popularity and our Primr ministry is sharing the information

Raam Aayenge || Swati Mishra Bhajan