Landscape with Invisible Hand Movie Review 2023

Landscape with Invisible Hand Movie Review 2023

The story unfolds in a future where Earth has been invaded by aliens who initially promised to help humanity progress with advanced technology. However, it becomes evident that the aliens had no intention of aiding humans; instead, they took over, causing economic hardships, unemployment, and displacement.

Adam, a young aspiring artist, forms a connection with Chloe, a girl struggling with homelessness due to the alien invasion. Despite the challenges, Adam invites Chloe and her family to live with him. The aliens control the population through devices that monitor and broadcast their activities.

The aliens stage a deceptive presentation to showcase their “benefits” to humanity, leading to the forced retirement of teachers and the closure of schools. Chloe and Adam decide to exploit the alien-controlled broadcasting system, faking a romantic relationship to earn money from alien views.

As their staged relationship gains popularity, the aliens reward them with income. However, Adam starts feeling the emptiness of their fake connection, while Chloe remains focused on the financial gains. The situation takes a turn when a notice reveals the impending legal consequences of their deception.

To avoid the consequences, Chloe and Adam are taken to the alien city, where they encounter a human working as a driver. They face the alien authorities and manage to convince them to allow Chloe to pursue a new relationship for continued financial support.

Back on Earth, Adam’s mother takes on a job to support the family, and Chloe’s family becomes involved in caretaking for an alien child. Adam, disappointed by the fakeness of their relationship and Chloe’s actions, continues his passion for art, creating a thought-provoking painting on a sealed school wall.

Eventually, Adam is offered a job in the aliens’ city, tempting him with a substantial salary. Despite initial excitement, Adam discovers that the aliens want him to create propaganda paintings. Refusing to compromise his principles, he decides to travel to different cities, creating paintings that challenge the alien narrative.

As people begin questioning the aliens’ influence, Adam and Chloe join forces to create a powerful painting titled “Landscape with Invisible Hand.” The story concludes with their determination to resist the aliens and inspire change.

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