Exploring iOS 17.4 Beta 1: Major Changes and Features

In this blog, I will share the release date and features of iOS 17.4 Beta. As the most popular company globally, Apple has responded to the pressure from the European Union by implementing significant updates to its product

Ios 17.4 beta features

1. IOS 17.4 beta Sideload

iOS 17.4 Beta 1 introduces side loading and third-party app stores specifically for EU-based iPhones. Users can now access third-party game streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now, along with alternative in-app payment methods using NFC.

Side-loaded apps won’t work like on macOS; Apple will review each app via automated notarization and human review to ensure adherence to terms of service. Users will have to grant permission for third-party app stores to install applications. Settings will offer management options for signed applications and permission revocation.iOS 17.4 will notify users if a third-party application contains malware, enhancing security. Customization of the app icon Feature is available.

2. IOS 17.4 Emoji

The update includes seven new emojis, including a forward-facing head, a sideways head, Phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, a breaking chain, and various family-themed emojis.

3. Stolen Device Protection Enhancement

Stolen device protection now includes the option to require a 1-hour security delay either away from familiar locations or always, even at familiar locations.

4. Safari Changes

The Safari address bar is wider in 17.4 Beta 1, and a new option, “Play All Animations,” is introduced for GIFs and other animated content.

5. Other Updates and Changes

  • Support for firmware updates for earpods with USBC connectors and USBC to 3.5mm headphone jack adapters.
  • Messages for Business, Siri reading messages in different languages, and updates to contact list and NFC settings.

6. Ios 17.4 carplay

Changes in the stolen device protection feature, with a new “Goodbye Screen” animation when turning off the car in CarPlay 2.0.

7. Performance and Battery Life

Initial impressions suggest smooth performance, with Geekbench 6 scores slightly lower than iOS 17.3. However, further testing is needed to assess overall performance and battery life.

8. Size and Build Number

Upgrading from iOS 17.3 to 17.4 Beta 1 can be a substantial download, with a file size of 6.42 GB (as observed on the iPhone 15 Pro Max). The build number for this update is 21e5184i, with the ‘i’ at the end being a relatively rare ending letter for a beta 1, indicating potential multiple beta releases in the pipeline.


With iOS 17.4 Beta 1, Apple is making significant strides, particularly for EU users with the introduction of side loading and third-party app store support. As we continue to explore subsequent beta releases, stay tuned for more in-depth updates and insights into the latest features and improvements from Apple.