8th Class FA3 Biology Question Paper 

In this blog, I will share the 8th Class FA3 Biology Question Paper that helps to know the model of question paper and the question difficulty. If you are interested to know then read the blog carefully.

8th Class FA3 Biology Question Paper 

Chose The Correct Answer(5*1)

1. The book containing the details of endangered and threatened species is ——–.
A) Blue data book
B) Green data book
C) Black data book
D) Red data book

2. I am an endocrine gland. I secrete a hormone that can control my emotions. Who am I?
A) Testis
B) Ovaries
D) Adrenal gland
C) Pituitary gland

3. Australia: Kangaroo:: Newzealand:?
A) Red Fox
B) Kiwi
C) Loris
D) Rauvolfia

4. The first menstrual cycle begins in adolescence and is termed as
A) Puberty
B) Menopause
C) Menarche
D) Fertilization

5. Plant and animal species that have vanished from the earth forever are called
A) Endemic species
B) Extinct species
C) Endangered species
D) Invasive Alien species

Fill in the Blanks (5*1)

6. The age of 13 – 19 years is called ___________.

7. Conservation of wildlife along with the environment is seen in ___________.

8. The Adam’s apple is actually a partial growth of our ____________.

9. The full form of W.W.F is _____________.

10. The variety and variability seen in plants and animals is called _________.

Answer The Following Question (3*2)

11. What is the scientific reason behind bird migration?

12. What questions would you ask a psychologist about adolescent emotions and changes in the body?

13. What would you suggest to your friends worrying about pimples?

Answer The Following Question (1*4)

14 (A) List out the body changes that occur at adolescence.
(B)Write the procedure of making recycled paper from waste newspaper

8th Class Biology Question Paper 2018 SA2